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The LIMU Experience Empty The LIMU Experience

Post by JoanStelmach on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:02 pm

Limu Moui

Celebrated for centuries and backed by more than 900 independent studies, Fucoidan delivers what your body needs.
Limu Original®

The original liquid limu moui supplement offers the focused benefits you need to feel good, with a smooth, refreshing taste you’ll love.
Limu Lean®

The limu-based complete weight management system offers simple steps and powerfully efficient products to help you look and feel fantastic!
Limu Energy®

Crafted for active fans of limu moui, this energy drink always picks you up and improves performance with a smart blend of natural ingredients.

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Where we began
The story

When Gary J. Raser came across a rare and relatively unknown seaweed called limu moui, he had an altogether unique experience he didn’t understand entirely at first.

He’d been searching for something to fulfill his vision of developing a superior liquid nutritional supplement and he recognized that this could very well be it. Gary learned that limu moui (or limu) was regularly used in Tonga to treat a wide array of health problems and that it was added regularly to the islanders’ daily diet. In fact, Tongans considered limu the secret to happy living. Gary was intrigued; he wondered if this fairly common experience of theirs was one he could help to recreate on his own shores and beyond.

Upon further investigation, he learned that the plant contained within it a unique marine bioactive called Fucoidan.

In fact, hundreds upon hundreds of studies had been conducted detailing its significant properties as a supernutrient. Once Gary knew that, he knew he could no longer stand idly by.

Gary quickly took action to bring limu to the world, and The LIMU Company was born. The very weekend LIMU opened its doors, over 9,000 applications poured into the office’s fax machine in two days’ time. It speaks to just how much LIMU’s Members believed in the power of Fucoidan and how much they wanted to create their own experiences built around the company’s flagship product, LIMU ORIGINAL®.

Since then, LIMU has gone on to distribute millions of bottles of its LIMU ORIGINAL® beverage to consumers worldwide and is recognized as the original and leading liquid seaweed company. Today, it is also the home of two other distinctive product lines: LIMU LEAN® and LIMU ENERGY®. The distinction of limu as a leading source of nutrition and wellness enhancement coincides perfectly with the company’s growth and success. As a result, people across the globe can now enjoy what the people of Tonga have enjoyed for centuries: the experience of adding limu to their way of life.

At its core, LIMU promises two very important thingswith its combined product and business ideologies—a more vibrant, healthier life and absolute financial freedom. A third closely follows those, too: with LIMU, you will live better. So, with its products, you can feel better. And, by successfully sharing LIMU with others, you may readily experience lifestyle freedom and security, more than you ever have before.

Additionally, LIMU GIVES through its For Goodness Sake initiative. From helping those who can’t help themselves to feeding the hungry at Thanksgiving and countless other times throughout the year, those at LIMU firmly believe there is more to life than just taking. Gary and his corporate staff have always felt that, the more you are blessed, the more of a blessing you must be.


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