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Tribute Photos of Your Loved Ones Empty Tribute Photos of Your Loved Ones

Post by Ronny AKA Recruit Man on Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:41 pm

I have decided that I am going to start selling my Photos that I create....Calls for Recruits needs the funding, so I am going to use the money generated to fund the project. It costs an average of $125 a day to keep Calls for Recruits fully funded. I will be making Photos for $20 and I will give you the digital image to do with as you please....I can make prints and mail them to you at a price yet to be would have to look into how much the printing and shipping would be...then I could come up with a number... Smile If you have any requests, send me a message with the following info:
A decent pic, Names, Rates, Ranks, Ships, or any other info you would like included.
I also can do families, couples, weddings, or just about anything... Smile

As a side note, I also do tribute Videos of photos...although I could add video in too...Smile

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